What Our Clients Are Saying…

"Managing Totara internally - hosting, implementing, upgrading, finding workarounds, etc. - took so much time. Since moving over to eThink, the whole experience has changed. We are no longer wasting time struggling with technical challenges and issues. My team received so much of our time back that we can now focus on our main projects, including the administration, creation, and maintenance of content. We are happy to have a strong partner who can assist us when it comes to the implementation of new ideas and visions."

Oliver SendatzkiManager CARE Learning, Vistaprint

"Since moving to eThink, the Banner integration and support has been so strong and consistent that I've been able to focus on the things I was hired to do, like faculty training. Before we migrated we had a faculty training program “in development” for over a year, but after moving to eThink we were able to build, test, revise, test again, and ultimately release the program within 4 months."

Adam WoodrowVirtual Campus Assistant Director, Cochise College

"eThink is without a doubt one of the best vendors we have under contract. The University Of Mount Olive wanted to implement single sign on: eThink was there. UMO wanted to change some technical aspects in the Moodle attendance module: eThink coded and deployed the requested change. eThink’s biggest value proposition is their commitment to excellence, borne of a genuine desire to delight its customers. Our relationship with eThink is over 6 years old, so I am very comfortable with absolutely recommending their services."

Ken DavisDirector of Technology, University of Mt. Olive

"Our transition to eThink from (competing Moodle vendor retracted) went very well. We have improved our productivity due to eThink’s SIS integration and of course they have an excellent customer service."

Salah ShakirCIO, Midway University

"Moodle and eThink have helped my students excel in math. They are able to access the website from home, watch videos, complete assignments, and pretty much work at their own pace. Parents love the fact that they can watch the videos and know exactly what the students are learning. Moodle and eThink have made learning fun."

Teresa ScottPrincipal, Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy

"I am writing to share how positive our experience with eThink has been over the past several months... We continue to be very pleased with the responsiveness of your support team. We, especially our users, appreciate the stability and speed of our Moodle instance, and I wanted to let you know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed."

Scott HildebrandDirector Teaching and Learning Technologies, Elon University